African Business Leaders - July 2017

AJC Project Interchange, in cooperation with AJC’s Africa Institute, hosted its fifth delegation of African leaders in Israel, specifically focused on agriculture and renewable energy. Members of the delegation included highly accomplished CEOs and entrepreneurs. While Africa is rich in natural resources, there are important bilateral benefits to be realized through expanded exchange of agricultural technology between Israel and Africa. Studies have shown that advances in agriculture are an extremely effective driver of economic growth in developing economies as it reduces rural poverty, increases food security, and stimulates broad-based economic growth. Since Israel’s founding, the country’s agricultural sector has been tasked with maintaining high yields despite severe and chronic water shortages. For years, Africa has made remarkable advances through the integration of Israeli agricultural technology.

This seminar provided participants with opportunities to explore potential agricultural exchange and collaboration with Israeli counterparts, as well as learn about Israel’s accumulated experience and agro-technological advances. Sessions with a diverse line-up of speakers also focused on Israel as the Start-Up Nation, Israel’s economy, and Israeli history, politics, society and regional dynamics. Visits to historical and religious sites allowed for an important counterpoint to one on one meetings connecting these important African business leaders with appropriate Israeli start-ups.