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Project Interchange

Since 1982, Project Interchange has brought over 6,000 of the world’s most influential voices to Israel from more than 85 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

Through its weeklong seminars, Project Interchange exposes diverse leaders of today and tomorrow to the complex issues facing Israeli society.

An educational institute of AJC, Project Interchange relies on donors who support its unique purpose and the measurable results its programs yield.

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Recent Seminars

Chinese Academic Leaders - August 2016

Ambassadors to the UN - July/August 2016

Political Leaders of Uruguay - July 2016

Upcoming Seminars

Miami Entrepreneurs - September 2016

Latino Opinion and Policy Leaders - October 2016

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PI Alumnus Publishes Column on the Significance of Shimon Peres

Carmelo Jordá (European Journalists 2007) wrote a touching opinion piece in Libertad Digital (an online publication based in Madrid), “Lo que Simon Peres significaba para Israel,” translation: “What Shimon Peres meant for Israel.”

Mayor of Atlanta & PI Alumnus Defends Training with Israeli Police

On July 18, 2016, amidst chaos and violence between civilians and police officers in the US, Atlanta Mayor and Project Interchange alumnus, Kasim Reed, made a bold statement. In responding to demands from protest organizations to end joint training exercises with the Israeli police, Kasim said: “I’m not going to do that; I happen to believe that the Israeli police department has some of the best counterterrorism techniques in the world, and it benefits our police department from that longstanding relationship.” Watch full clip here and read the Atlanta Jewish Times article.

PI Alumnus Records Podcast About PI Experience

PI alumnus, Professor Mohamed Alsiadi, discussed the current situation in Syria as well as his experience in Israel in a podcast with AJC’s Scott Richman: “Before going to Israel, the concern was from my students’ perspective. I teach Arab students – Muslims and Christians from the Middle East – strictly first generation [here in the U.S]. They studied in high school or middle school that Israel as a state is the enemy and this is our only enemy that we have. We always had a feeling of how are we going to explain to them the meaning of this visit and the impact on the US. To explain to them that the only solution that we have is to make peace with Israel, not war.”

Full podcast:

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Alumni in the News

PI Alumnus Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism on Campus

Richard Herman (University Presidents 2007) published an opinion piece in The Times of Israel, “Free Speech, the Bully Pulpit, and Contemporary Anti-Semitism.” Read More

PI Alumnus and Brazilian Defense Minister Announces Israeli Tech at Rio Olympics

Raul Jungmann (Brazilian Political Leaders 2015) announced that an Israeli high-resolution imaging satellite is strengthening security during the Olympics and Paralympic Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro. Read more

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