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Project Interchange Alumni Venture Fund

Apply for a Grant from AJC Project Interchange
AJC Project Interchange will provide a limited number of grants of up to $1,000 twice annually to support impactful Israel-related projects and programs led by Project Interchange alumni.

• The Alumni Venture Fund (AVF) supports Israel related projects and programs led by PI alumni.
• Eligible proposals should reflect some aspect of Israeli history, society, culture or politics.
• Proposals may include but are not limited to academic projects, public programs or artistic endeavors.
• Grants are evaluated by Project Interchange staff and the PI Alumni Advisory Council.
• Grantees receive 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% upon completion, normally within one year.
• The AVF also provides grantees with connections in Israel and the U.S.
• Grants are funded by AJC Project Interchange and are awarded twice annually.
• Grantees agree to be featured by AJC in social media and/or public programs.

Learn with PI: Israel Unwrapped

Fatah and Hamas: A Look at Palestinian Politics

Featuring Avi Melamed
December 4, 2017
12 PM ET via Conference Call

Register here.


The two major Palestinian political factions, Fatah and Hamas, recently signed a reconciliation agreement expected to end more than 10 years of open, bitter rivalry. What the nature of the power struggle between the two groups? What prompted the signing of the agreement, and is it for real? What are the obstacles to implementation, and how does the agreement reflect and impact the geo-strategic reconfiguration of the Middle East? What are the ramifications vis-a-vis Israel?

Avi Melamed, Independent Israeli Middle East Intelligence Analyst and the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute, will explore these timely questions.

This call is exclusively for PI alumni.

Israel Unwrapped Podcasts

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Upcoming Alumni Events

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Spotlight on Seminar Recruitment

Be a PI ambassador! You are invited to recommend participants for upcoming seminars. We are always looking for individuals who are:

  • Influencers and leaders within their professions and communities (see our primary cohorts)
  • Identified as having the potential for future impact in their professional circles and public networks
  • Able to commit to participation in the full program and do not have recent travel/work experience in Israel
  • Interested in experiencing an intensive first-hand introduction to Israel from speakers with diverse backgrounds; and
  • Interested in expanding connections and collaboration with organizations and businesses in Israel.
  • If you know someone who fits these criteria, please fill out a nomination form.


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