Central and Eastern European Members of Parliament, Diplomats and Foreign Ministry Policy Advisors Visiting Israel

November 9th, 2015

Project Interchange U.S.: Myra Clark-Siegel, clarksiegelm@projectinterchange.org
Project Interchange Israel: Avital Leibovich, leibovicha@ajc.org

Central and Eastern European Members of Parliament, Diplomats and Foreign Ministry Policy Advisors Visiting Israel
Second delegation of EU Officials to Israel with AJC Project Interchange In Two Weeks

November 9, 2015 – (Jerusalem, Israel) – AJC’s Project Interchange and Department of International Jewish Affairs are hosting Eastern and Central European Members of Parliament, diplomats, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy advisors in Israel. The officials, comprising the second delegation of European officials to Israel through Project Interchange in as many weeks, will focus on Israel’s political and geo-strategic realities, as well as high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Officials on the delegation represent Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, all of which are newer democracies and entrants to the European Union (EU). The participants’ areas of expertise include global security issues, Middle East policy, disarmament and nonproliferation, human rights, and international law.

“It is our hope that this delegation will continue to foster dialogue and collaboration between Europe and Israel on issues of mutual concern, which include nation building, fostering economic innovation, and foreign policy challenges facing the region,” said Robin S. Levenston, Project Interchange Executive Director.

During their week-long seminar in Israel, participants will meet with a diverse range of government officials and high-level diplomats, as well as academics, business leaders, and journalists to discuss such topics as European-Israeli diplomatic and economic relations, the Iranian nuclear threat, the future of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, Israel’s national security and foreign policy, the diversity of Israeli society, and best practices fostering high-tech and entrepreneurship in an ideas-based economy.

While the majority of their time will be spent in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the government officials and diplomats will take a geostrategic helicopter tour of Israel’s Northern borders and Southern region. The delegation is also scheduled to meet with Members of Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) from both the governing coalition and the opposition party and will engage in conversations with Palestinian leaders in the Palestinian Authority.

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