Latino Media and Entertainment Professionals Seminar - February 2015

Dates: February 22 - 28, 2015

In February 2015, a pioneering delegation of American Latino film producers, writers, and stage actors visited Israel under the auspices of Project Interchange in cooperation with AJC’s Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs (BILLA). During the program, participants learned about the Israel film and art industries and explored possible joint ventures with their Israeli counterparts.

Highlights throughout this week in Israel included meetings with leading directors and producers in Israel, such as Shira Geffen, a playwright, director, children’s author, and actress, Hagai Levi, film and television director, writer, editor, producer and critic, Ibtisam Mara’ana Menuhin, Arab film director and producer, and Dorit Inbar, General Manager of the Israeli New Foundation for Cinema and Television. Participants also broadened their knowledge of Israel by learning about Israel’s diverse society, complicated political system, its technology and entrepreneurial successes as a Start-Up Nation, and geostrategic challenges.

Photo Gallery: Latino Media & Entertainment Professionals - February 2015