Military & Strategic Analysts- 2007, January 2009

The delegation was comprised of high level and experienced military and strategic analysts from the fields of academia, think tanks, and journalism. The participants traveled to Israel this past August during the height of Israel’s conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas. The seminar provided participants with a firsthand perspective on the situations along Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon and in Gaza. The itinerary included meetings with officials in the ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, commanders in the North and South, as well as with politicians and analysts. Meetings with new immigrants, Israeli-Arabs, and Palestinians provided a more comprehensive understanding of the current situation in Israel. Upon return, these participants continue to write prolifically and build upon their Project Interchange experience.

January 17-20, 2009 Press

Max Boot

Anthony Cordesman

Richard Francona

Mario Loyola

Amir Mizroch

Haviv Rettig Gur

Noah Shachtman

Michael J Totten

January 17-20, 2009 Photos

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