American Muslim Leaders- January 2008

American Muslim leaders from the U.S. visited Israel on a trip jointly sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and AJC’s Project Interchange.

January 6-10, 2008 Impact

Vehbi Bajrami, owner and publisher of Illyria

Meeting with local religious, social and political representatives gave the opportunity to learn from their first-hand experience with issues with which the Israeli society deals currently. These meetings offered insights which are often overlooked or missing in the usual information offered by the media.

January 6-10, 2008 Press

  • “Në Sderot e Nativ Haasara, jeta nën frikën e raketave” (Albanian) (Vehbi Bajrami), Illyria The Only Albanian-American Newspaper
  • “The Publisher of Illyria Visits Israel” (Vehbi Bajrami), Illyria
  • “A Friendship Built Amid Suffering Is Hard to Break” (Vehbi Bajrami), Illyria
  • “The Civilized World Needs American Leadership–interview with Dr. Jonathan Rynhold” (Vehbi Bajrami), Illyria

January 6-10, 2008 Photo