Indian American Leaders- November 2005, May 2007, February 2009

Indian-Americans are increasingly engaged in American politics and spheres of Influence. This seminar enabled leaders to see Israel’s dynamic society up close and build connections between several communities including Americans, Israel and Indians in the U.S., India and Israel.  With offices in Mumbai and six other international outposts in Europe and Israel, AJC and PI are on the forefront of furthering these important relationships.

Below is a quote from S. Raja Krishnamoorthi Deputy Treasurer for Programs- Illinois State Treasurer:

“Thank you for a wonderful trip to Israel.  Though I was excited at the opportunity to travel to Israel, I did not know what to expect… I can truly say that the trip was one of the most informative foreign trips I have ever taken. The combination of speakers and site visits was excellent, and I have a much better understanding of the issues confronting Israel and the region now as compared to before.”

As contact grows between Israel and India, and the Indian-American and United States Jewish communities, it is increasingly important to nurture these relationships through opportunities such as introducing these professional and communal elite to Israel. Such action thus furthers the growing axis of democracy among the U.S., India and Israel: the world’s oldest democracy, the world’s largest democracy and the Middle East’s only democracy. In addition to exposing these participants to the diversity and complexity of Israeli society made richer by the Indian-Jewish community, Project Interchange provides insight into how Israel deals with the operational and societal realities of the shared problems of terrorism. Moreover, this experience provides opportunities to discuss areas of potential collaboration in trade, economic development, educational and cultural exchanges.

This dynamic group was comprised of leading attorneys, businessmen, prominent heads of Indian-American civic, policy and advocacy organizations and student campus leaders. The delegation traveled to Tel Aviv, southern Israel and Jerusalem. Highlights of the seminar included a meeting and reception at the home of the Indian Ambassador to Israel, Arun K. Singh; a discussion with the President of Ben Gurion University, Avishay Braverman, and a reception with leaders of the Indian-Jewish community in Israel. Members of the delegation noted that the seminar provided them with an increased understanding of and connection to Israel. Both the Washington and Atlanta chapters of AJC hosted events in their communities that featured seminar participants. As a result of their meeting with President Braverman at Ben Gurion University, the participants created a scholarship fund to enable Indian students to study in Israel.

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May 12-20, 2007 Impact

Dr. Bharat Barai

I had first hand understanding, meeting religious, political and social leaders. Especially knowing how well and freely Arab minorities live and enjoy rights.

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November 6 - 14, 2005 Press

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