UNESCO Ambassadors - March 2017

Project Interchange will sponsor its first delegation to Israel of UNESCO Ambassadors, with high-level briefings and site visits providing the ambassadors a first-hand, deeper understanding of Israel.

Site visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and joint Israel-UNESCO projects will be featured during the seminar. The delegation will participate in important in-depth discussions with Israel’s top political leaders focused on Israeli foreign policy and areas of mutual concern. Specific topics of interest such as technology, higher education, and regional cooperation will be featured, as will Arab-Jewish co-existence programs and interfaith relations.

Sessions and meetings will feature the geopolitical difficulties facing Israel and the region, Israel’s strategic environment, and the diversity and complexity of Israeli society. As with all Project Interchange delegations, meetings with Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and other Palestinian leaders will provide additional insight into life in the PA and the complexities of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.