Colombian Media & Opinion Leaders - April 2017

AJC Project Interchange, in collaboration with AJC’s Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Latino and Latin American Affairs (BILLA), will host its second delegation of Colombian media and opinion leaders to Israel. The delegation includes 11 leaders representing academia and journalism (print, radio, TV and social media). The delegation will meet with a wide range of prominent Israeli thought leaders including journalists, innovators, and government officials.

Participants will visit cities in Northern and Southern Israel to learn about Israel’s geopolitical concerns, as well as experience hands-on Israeli agricultural innovation through meetings with water desalination experts. Sessions throughout the week will also include discussions about Arab-Israeli society, Israel’s foreign policy, humanitarian aid, Palestinian society and the peace process, and visits to historic sites including the Old City of Jerusalem. As with all delegations, this group will travel to the Palestinian Authority to meet with Palestinian opinion leaders. This seminar intends to capitalize on last year’s successes and provide opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, as Colombia is often regarded Israel’s most prominent ally in South America.