Indian American Opinion and Policy Leaders, November 2016

AJC Project Interchange, in collaboration with AJC’s Asia Pacific Institute (API), is hosting a delegation of Indian-American opinion and policy leaders from around the U.S to Israel.

With a population in the United States over three million strong and growing, Indian-Americans have increasing influence in the political, economic and educational spheres of society, and provide an important voice on issues related to the American-Israeli-Indian relationship.

While on the ground, participants will meet with political and civic leaders who are Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, and Palestinian, including Knesset members, representatives of high-tech firms, entrepreneurs, and university professors. Participants will also visit sites of historical and religious importance in order to gain a comprehensive historical and cultural understanding of the region.

The delegation is accompanied by Shira Loewenberg, Director, AJC Asia Pacific Institute, and Nissim Reuben, Assistant Director, AJC Asia Pacific Institute.

Project Interchange has hosted a number of seminars for Indian-American leaders in Israel, including hi-tech experts, civic, policy and advocacy organization professionals, and business leaders.