A note from the National Chair of Project Interchange

Welcome to AJC Project Interchange!

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the National Chair of AJC Project Interchange (PI). As a third generation AJC leader, I have witnessed the impact PI has among global leaders. When it comes to understanding Israel, there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Project Interchange’s approach: bringing senior and emerging opinion leaders from around the globe to Israel, where they have the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives and connect with their professional counterparts, is incomparable.

Over several years as a Board Member and now as National Chair, I have had the distinct opportunity to meet Project Interchange alumni around the world and to hear their impressions of their PI experiences in Israel. Consistently, these decision-makers describe their Project Interchange experience as eye-opening and life-changing. In addition, no matter their background or point of view, participants appreciate the respect PI provides them to form their own opinions. The importance of PI’s approach to objective, educational, non-partisan learning about Israel cannot be overstated.

Time and again, Project Interchange alumni have referred to PI as the premier educational institute dedicated to connecting leaders worldwide with Israel. Through its two dozen tailor-made educational delegations to Israel each year, PI provides thought leaders a chance to learn about and experience the complexities and nuances facing Israel, as well as discuss best practices in their professional fields.

In Israel, PI delegation participants learn that historical, religious, and cultural ties continue to play a prominent role in the lives of Israelis - be they Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian – as well as Palestinian.

Project Interchange focuses on bringing high level leaders to Israel. Government Officials & Diplomats, Media, Civic & Religious Leaders, and University Leaders are exposed to ground-breaking centers of academia, technology, business and culture. Throughout this unique experience, delegations visit high-level government officials and other civic, business, and academic leaders of all backgrounds and religions in Israel and in the West Bank. In addition, they partake in site visits of religious and historical significance.

At Project Interchange, we believe that building bridges of understanding, while developing lasting relationships, will make the world a safer place and more sustainable for future generations. Project Interchange provides a powerful intellectual and emotional approach, reflecting the interests of the participants themselves. In Israel, the sole democracy in the region, multiculturalism is embraced and innovation is the hallmark of the “Start Up Nation”. Project Interchange proudly provides access to multiple facets of Israeli society, and in so doing, shows Israel in all its complexity, its challenges, and its accomplishments.

For nearly 35 years, more than 6,000 notable leaders, including more than 926 Government officials, 458 Journalists, 93 Diplomats, 63 University Presidents, 34 U.S. House of Representatives, 2 Cabinet Members and 1 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, have participated in our seminars. In fact, leaders from all 50 U.S. states and over 95 countries have participated in tailor-made PI delegations to Israel.

Project Interchange participants reflect an understanding of Israel that only comes from first-hand experience. Please explore the PI website for further, more detailed information regarding some of those important collaborations and the influential leaders who took this journey of significance with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at saidoffd@ajc.org. I would be delighted to help you connect with Project Interchange.


Debbie Smith Saidoff

Project Interchange National Chair