AJC Project Interchange Hosts European Union Officials, Diplomats, and Top Advisors to European Parliament in Israel

November 2nd, 2015

Project Interchange U.S.: Myra Clark-Siegel, clarksiegelm@projectinterchange.org
Project Interchange Israel: Avital Leibovich, leibovicha@ajc.org

AJC Project Interchange Hosts European Union Officials, Diplomats, and Top Advisors to European Parliament in Israel
Government and diplomatic leaders from EU will explore geostrategic challenges, economic innovation, and programs that strengthen civil society

November 2, 2015 – (Jerusalem, Israel) – AJC Project Interchange, in coordination with AJC’s Transatlantic Institute, is hosting a delegation of Members of the European Parliament (MEP), diplomats, and top advisors on Middle East issues in Israel. Most of the officials on the delegation represent newer countries to the European Union, and will engage in a wide-ranging program focused on geostrategic and foreign policy concerns, policies that promote and strengthen civil society, and Israeli successes in economic entrepreneurship and innovation. Like Israel, many of these countries are small, and rely on human capital rather than natural resources to power their economies.

MEPs, diplomats, and advisors participating in this delegation include Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovak Republic, and the United Kingdom. Varying political views and affiliations are well-represented within this delegation, and some of the participants have been active players in peace discussions in conflicted regions throughout the world. Additional areas of expertise include foreign affairs, national and international security, education, and human rights.

“The similarities between Israel and the EU countries partaking in this delegation provide a strong platform for collaboration, including building civil society, and utilizing high tech innovation for economic empowerment,” said Robin Levenston, Executive Director of Project Interchange. “We hope that the dialogue with diverse leaders throughout the seminar will help build a foundation for continued exchange on important issues relating to Israel and the Middle East.”

During their week in Israel, participants will travel much of the country, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and take a geostrategic helicopter tour of Israel’s Northern borders and Southern region. Meetings and site visits reflect specific areas of interest to the delegation participants, such as Israel’s national security and foreign policy, Israelis providing medical care to Syrians injured in the Syrian civil war, the Iranian threat and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Further, the delegation will meet with Members of Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) and high-level diplomats.

As with all PI delegations, these officials with interact with a diverse range of experts and leaders: Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israelis and Palestinians, as they travel throughout Israel and also engage in meetings with Palestinian leaders.

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