Participant Reflections from European Journalists [VIDEO]

October 16th, 2015

Hans Monath, Political Correspondent, Der Tagesspiegel (Germany)

“The program allowed me an inside view of the Israeli and Palestinian society and politics. I have a better and very different understanding of what’s happening in this region now.”

Daniel Friedrich Sturm, Editor, WeltN24 (Germany)

“This experience, was and is for me, very interesting and helpful for our work in Germany. We had a lot of different lectures and it was very interesting to deepen information about Israel.”

Patrick Gensing, Editor, (Germany)

“This was really an exciting trip. I learned a lot about the country and gave me a basic understanding of the conflict. But the program is not reducing Israel to only the conflict with the Palestinians, but it also shows all different kinds of society and of multi-cultural alliance in Israel.”