ATP Dedication

September 9th, 2013

In early September 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu traveled to Be’er Sheva with three Cabinet members for the ribbon-cutting inauguration ceremony for the new Advanced Technologies Park at Ben-Gurion University.

This incredible new 20-building high tech center, being built on 150 acres and to have 2 million square feet of office and lab space, was designed by KUD International LLC, a subsidiary of Japan-based Kajima Corporation, one of the world’s largest development and construction firms.

The connection to Project Interchange?

Marvin Suomi, President and CEO of KUD, traveled to Israel on an AJC Project Interchange seminar in 2005. The trip was the brainchild of Bob Peckar, PI’s National Chair. That’s where Mr. Suomi got the inspiration for this path-breaking initiative. And he said so in the presence of Israel’s top leadership, when he connected the massive project directly to his Project Interchange-sponsored trip. Listen to him here:

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