Articles by Alumni of Indian-American Media Seminar

December 1st, 2012

Israelis expect Gaza ceasefire breakdown, Hindustan Times, Yashwant Raj

Palestine hopeful of winning upgraded status bid at UN, Tribune India, Ashish Sen

Israel’s Sderot peaceful for now, but will ceasefire last?, Tribune India,  Ashish Sen

Israel approves expansion of controversial Jewish settlements, Tribune India, Asish Sen

Life in Israel: Caught amidst hostile neighbords, bad options,, Seema Sirohi

Israel’s “No Doctrine” is self-defeating, Gateway House, Seema Sirohi

Are settlements in Israel major obstacle to peace?, Hindustan Times, Yashwant Raj

Growing Israeli passion for business with India, Times of India, Arun Kumar

Israel wants to take India ties to next level, Madhyamam, Arun Kumar

Welcome to ‘Rocket Town’: Here raining Rockets is a way of life, India Tv News, Arun Kumar

Why India is reluctant to host Israeli Prez Shimon Peres,, Seema Sirohi

Curses on the Wall, Outlook, Ashish Sen