US Security and Military Experts Visiting Israel - August 2011

August 10th, 2011

Project Interchange-Sponsored Seminar Provides Experts Opportunities to Assess Israel’s Security Challenges and Responses, Regional Implications of the ‘Arab Spring’, and Likely Impact of Possible Palestinian September Declaration of Independence

August 5, 2011 (Jerusalem, Israel) - As the “Arab Spring” continues to garner daily headlines, and as the deadline nears for a possible September Palestinian declaration of independence,  a delegation of senior-level security and military analysts from several top American think tanks and media outlets is currently visiting Israel for intensive briefings and site visits through Project Interchange, an institute of AJC. The delegation of researchers, policy analysts and reporters is traversing much of Israel to better understand the country’s security strategies, best practices, and the complex strategic issues facing Israel and the region.

The intensive educational trip includes meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, officials from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and police force, along with sessions on border security, and the Israeli-Arab community. The delegation will also visit the city of Sderot, a Gaza Strip border crossing, and Ramallah, for a first-hand look at a number of complex strategic issues. These and other topics, including briefings on the security situation in the region, are intended to expose the group to a wide range of issues facing Israel and its neighbors.

The visit also comes at the peak of unprecedented housing protests and tent demonstrations surging throughout Israel, offering delegates a rare glimpse into some of the domestic social issues facing Israel’s civilian population.

“The seminar in Israel will provide these esteemed policy analysts and journalists a deeper understanding of Israel, including its political, historical and strategic dimensions,” said Sam Witkin, Executive Director of Project Interchange. Witkin added, “Israel’s hard-won expertise serves as an invaluable resource to the entire security community. At this historical juncture, when the eyes of the world are focused on the ongoing ‘Arab Spring’ and possible Palestinian Declaration of Independence, the briefings with leaders across the military, social and political spectrum will help provide these experts with a greater appreciation for the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and its neighbors.”

The Project Interchange seminar will run through August 12. Participants in this week’s seminar represent the following think tanks and media outlets:

Center for a New American Security

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Pajamas Media

American Security Project

American Foreign Policy Council

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