French Parliamentarians - 2006 and 2007

November 13th, 2007

Jean-François Copé, Claude Goasguen, and Philippe Meunier (2007 French Members of Parliament), leaders in the French Parliament have given numerous television and newspaper interviews:

  • Vidéo Jean-François Copé – delegation leader INFOLIVE
  • Copé citant Fayyad : “Ahmadinejad fait preuve de stupidité infinie”

  • Vidéo Jean-François Copé – vidéo Guysen TV
  • Article in the Jewish Magazine Tribune Juive citing Valérie Hoffenberg, Jean-François Copé, and Jacques Kossowski, MPs who attended the trip
  • Article in the CRIF (umbrella Jewish organizations) Newsletter.
  • Interview on Itélé ( French tv news channel) by Claude Goasguen and Jean-François Copé citing the trip they made to MidEast in November.
  • Interview of Philippe Meunier by Al Jazira TV + article in a local newspaper in the Rhône region.