Chilean Academics, Journalists, and Parliamentarians - July 19-27, 2008

July 27th, 2008

  1. Clarín; July 23, 2008
    Clarín is a major newspaper in Argentina; centrist in orientation. The newspaper prints and distributes around 500,000 copies throughout the country, with a 44 percent market share in Buenos Aires. Their electronic newspaper, Clarí, is the most frequently visited Spanish language newspaper on the internet.
    Otro atentado palestino con una excavadora en el centro de Jerusalén Por: Shlomo Slutzky
  2. Po Vesham online; July 28, 2008
    Po Vesham is an on-line Spanish language publication about Israel.
    ISRAEL Y EL MUNDO: ¿Cómo nos ven en Chile?
  3. La Palabra Israelita; August 1, 2008
  4. Page 4. Newsletter of the Chilean Jewish Community.
    NACIONAL- CJCh organiza nueva gira parlamentaria a Israel

  5. Magazine “Que Pasa”, by participant Enrique Mujica; August, 2008
    Chilean newsweekly
    Ciudad Borderline Desde Sderot, por Enrique Mujica
  6. Diario El Mercurio; August 10, 2008El Mercurio is a conservative Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaíso and Santiago. Its Santiago edition is considered the country’s paper-of-record and its Valparaíso edition is the oldest daily in the Spanish language currently in circulation.
    Postales desde Jerusalén By Paula Escobar Cavaría, from Jerusalén y Ramallah