Miami Entrepreneurs Blog Day 6

September 27th, 2016

Editor’s Note: Brian Siegal, Director of of AJC’s Miami and Broward County Regional Office, is in Israel with Project Interchange’s delegation of influential Miami entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech start-up community to learn from the country’s thriving tech and innovation sector while sharing best practices and making connections.

This was another mind expanding day. With great speakers and seeing Tel Aviv up close, the group is getting an intense exposure to the epicenter of the Start Up Nation.

We started the morning with an interesting discussion on scientific innovation and biotech with Eitan Segal, and then quickly pivoted to another talk on the political life in Israel with Dr. Hanna Swaid, a former Arab Israeli Knesset (Parliament) Member from the Hadash (New) Party. Dr. Swaid fights for peace and equality for Israeli Arabs and did so alongside Jewish members of the Knesset. He spoke about Arab - Israeli coexistence, and the challenges facing Arab citizens of Israel.

We then traveled to Herzeliya right outside of Tel Aviv to get a hands on understanding of Israeli ingenuity to visit sFBI (Small Factory Big Ideas), and meet Enon Landenberg, Director and Founder. Hearing his thought process and stories of failure and success were illuminating and inspiring for our group of entrepreneurs. Most inspiring was his description of Space IL as part of the Space X Competition by Google to build a space craft that goes to the moon. They have used this as a tool to get more young Israeli kids interested in Math and Science.

After a tour that meandered through the thriving cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, we arrived bck at the hotel for a fascinating discussion of Israel and Its Neighbors, in a briefing by Col. (res) Avital Leibovich, Director of AJC Jerusalem.

We finished this busy day at Tel Aviv’s Social Club for have dinner and a discussion with young Israeli entrepreneurs, and alumni of the IDF’s elite 8200 Intelligence Unit. hearing their stories and learning about their training was instructive in our continued journey to learn about innovation, high tech entrepreneurship and financing in Israel.

We are excited to attend the DLD Innovation conference tomorrow.

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